Acena Publishers Nig Ltd

Acena Publishers Nig Ltd is a Nigerian publishing, book procurement, and distribution/bookselling company.

Head Office
11 Umunze Crescent,
Phase 6, Trans-Ekulu,
Enugu, Nigeria.

The company also has interest in library development, equipment supply and leasing as well as the procurement of office equipment and supply.

Acena Publishers Nig. Ltd is a member of the Nigerian Publishers Association. The company has published many Nigerian authors with particular interest in educational and motivational titles. Acena has helped to procure library books for use in several higher institutions in Nigeria.

Pens and Voice Nig. Ltd.

PENS AND VOICES NIG LTD is a registered organization in Nigeria whose interest cuts across broadcasting, media and publishing. It also has a mandate to organize trainings of both individuals and groups in the areas of resolution and management of workplace grievances; peace building and peacemaking. Pens and Voices trains candidates, develops best practices and standards in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Pens and Voices Nig. Ltd also has a subsidiary which is the Pens and Voices Mediation Centre. The Centre receives matters from disputants and helps them formulate coping mechanisms to arrive at peaceful resolutions.

Freedom Square Live on Solid 100.9FM

Freedom Square Live is a socio-political, two hours, interactive call in radio program anchored on enduring democratic values, leadership, politics and citizen’s participation in governance.

Freedom Square with its wide range online and offline reach has played host to dignitaries ranging from past governors, Senators, Members of House of Representatives, State Assembly Legislators government officials, non-governmental organizations and social activists.

Freedom square airs every Saturday 10am – 12 noon on solid 100.9FM.

Freedom square is beautifully embellished with high ranked and top-notch public affairs analysts, who analyze issues without any form of bias and with their great communication abilities, they keep you glued to your radio.

It is also pertinent to note that, issues discussed on freedom square has to a large extent caused great positive change in leadership, governance and citizen’s/youth participation in the affairs of the state within Enugu metropolis and beyond.

We have recorded some level of result during the course of our various discussions.

We urge you to keep listening to us on Freedom Square Live on Solid 100.9FM.

Dispute Resolution Arena (DRA).

Dispute Resolution Arena is an hour, weekly, motivational and inspirational radio program which can be likened to a town hall meeting where issues ranging from personal, household and workplace conflicts including protracted conflicts are discussed. Coping mechanisms are also proffered.

Dispute Resolution Arena is a child of the Pens and Voices Mediation Center. It is aimed at promoting peace, love and a peaceful coexistence between individuals and the world at large.

Dispute Resolution Arena just like it’s parent body has mediated over fifty cases in the past one year.

The people who has relied on our first-class services has gone ahead of us to spread the word. In other words, our results speak for us.

Dispute Resolution Arena is blessed with the best human resource persons who are readily available to listen to you. Their professionalism and empathetic disposition makes it easier to arrive at the best resolutions to your challenges.

Keep a date with us on the dispute resolution arena as we promise to proffer time-tested working resolution strategies to your day to day challenges.

Dispute Resolution Arena comes on every Monday 5-6pm on Solid 100.9FM.

The Eagle

the eagle

The Eagle is an hour, weekly, magazine and lifestyle radio program. It looks at the inspiring stories of men and women whose lives stand as a model for posterity.

The Eagle seeks to inspire the younger generation on the need to take one step at a time in the affairs of life.

The Eagle can be likened to a hall of fame in which the housemates take a retrospective look at how well or bad they’ve lived their lives, and the effects of their past decisions.

This hall of fame has indeed hosted famous people in different fields of life, whose lives are exemplary.

The Eagle covers personality interviews, history, leadership, entrepreneurship, mentoring, capacity building and lots more.

The Eagle has a huge future. It seeks to get in touch with the world’s best in every area.

We have sworn that history is not going to die on us.

In the end, we will have a compendium of eagles in a book which will stand as a model for posterity.

Join us on the Eagle every Sunday 7-8pm and a repeat broadcast every Tuesday 7-8pm on solid 100.9FM.

Our Team

Our team includes highly trained professionals in strategic media, communications and ADR mechanisms. We have also experts in administration, marketing, publishing and allied services and as well as technical professionals in equipment handling and installation.